What Evidence Can A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Use To Prove Fault In A Motorcycle Crash?

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Riding a motorcycle puts you at risk for accidents, since auto and truck drivers may not always see you. Unfortunately, if you are in an accident, you may sustain great bodily injury. You may have high medical costs and may have missed time at work. If the driver who hit you is at fault or has some fault for the accident, you may be able to file a personal injury case against them with the help of a motorcycle accident attorney. You may find yourself wondering how a motorcycle accident lawyer can prove fault. Here are some of the pieces of evidence an attorney will use. 

Police Reports

One of the pieces of evidence that a motorcycle accident lawyer may use to prove fault in a motorcycle crash is a police report. If the police report shows the driver who hit you is at fault or had some fault in the accident, an attorney will introduce this to the insurance company, judge or to the jury, letting them know about the police findings. 

Witness Statements

Another important piece of evidence that a motorcycle accident attorney will use to show fault is witness statements and testimony. Following an accident, it is important to get as much information from witnesses as possible, including their names, addresses, phone numbers and place of employment. Once you have retained an attorney, your attorney will likely talk to them or depose them to find out what they saw. If they state that the other driver caused the accident, your attorney will present this. 

Camera Evidence

More and more businesses and homeowners are using cameras to protect their property. But cameras do not only capture those who visit the property. They can also capture things that occur nearby, including accidents that occur near the house or business. A lawyer can ask the business or homeowner for the camera footage, which can be vital to showing fault. If the owner will not release the footage, an attorney can obtain a subpoena to get the evidence you need. 

A personal injury attorney will work hard to help you win your case. One of the ways they will do this is by finding evidence that proves who and why the other driver may have been at fault. If an initial report suggests you were at fault when you were in a motorcycle accident, you should not stop fighting. A motorcycle accident lawyer like those from https://www.lombardolawfirm.com can help show that the person who hit you may have been at fault. Contact a motorcycle accident attorney today for a free consultation.