3 Signs That You Should Hire An Attorney To Help With Your Workers Compensation Case

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If you have recently been injured at work and are relying on workers compensation to help with things like paying your medical bills and paying you for lost wages, you might be wondering if you should hire a workers compensation lawyer. Even though it is not always necessary to do so, however, there are a few situations in which it can be beneficial to seek legal assistance with a workers compensation case. These are a few of these situations.

1. Your Claim Has Been Denied

In some cases, workers compensation insurance companies deny claims. They can give all sorts of reasons for doing so, and if your case has been denied, you might not think that there is any other type of action that you can take. Luckily, a workers compensation attorney might be able to help you out in this situation, depending on the specifics of your case. This can make a big difference if you are facing potentially having to pay for all of your medical bills and other expenses yourself.

2. It's Taking a Long Time to Handle Your Case

If you are currently dealing with medical bills, the need for additional medical care and bills that you can't pay because you are out of work, you could be feeling a bit panicked. Insurance companies can sometimes take a long time handling these cases, but this is not something that you should put up with without a fight. Fortunately, a workers compensation attorney can help speed things along so that you can get your bills paid.

3. Your Injury is Serious

Many workers compensation cases are cut and dried. For example, for a simple injury that leaves you unable to work for a few days, your employer and the company's workers compensation insurance company might handle things with ease. However, for more serious injuries that leave you unable to work for a long time -- or might even render you unable to ever work again -- you may need legal assistance. This is because insurance companies can be more prone to try to fight against more expensive claims. Plus, you may need additional help, such as with applying for short-term or permanent disability, which can be tricky to do without legal assistance.

As you can see, in some situations, you may need assistance from a workers compensation attorney when dealing with one of these cases. If you think that you might need assistance, contact a local workers compensation attorney, like one from Neifert Byrne & Ozga, so that you can talk more about the specifics of your case.