What It Means To Hire An Experienced Injury Lawyer

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So, you want to hire a personal injury lawyer. When you also want to be sure that your lawsuit absolutely wins, you have to hire an experienced injury lawyer. Here is what the word "experienced" means when it comes to hiring this type of lawyer for your own lawsuit.

Ten-Plus Years Working JUST Personal Injury Cases

Is two, five, and eight years' experience enough to qualify a lawyer as experienced? Sure, but you want someone who has practiced personal injury law a good, long time. You want years of successful lawsuits and numerous kinds of cases to back up the description of "experienced." A decade of practicing personal injury law successfully is sufficient. It is perfectly okay if the lawyer has legal experience in other types of law, but you want as much experience and knowledge in personal injury law as you can get.  

Awards Speak for Themselves

Experienced also means that the lawyer has won a few awards, and/or is associated with a law firm that has several awards. Read the lawyer's "brag wall" to see if he/she is named specifically on the awards in the office. If he/she has a lot of awards, or the firm is highly recognized in the community, then that is the lawyer you want to hire. The awards are always recognition for exceptional service, which also speaks to the level of experience the lawyer has.

The Lawyer Was Injured Once Upon a Time

You know that you definitely have an experienced personal injury lawyer that "gets it" when he or she leads with a personal injury story all their own. When he/she has been badly injured and had to sue, that is life experience. Life experience does not come with a law degree; it comes from having things happen to you. A personal injury lawyer who has been through the injury and lawsuit process him/herself has more empathy and understanding with his/her clients, and therefore is more likely to work harder for you.

Do Some Digging

Lawyers keep success rate data. Ask to see success and failure rates of each lawyer you are considering about hiring. When you find the lawyers with the most experience in practice, most awards, most life experience, and highest success rates, hire that lawyer.

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