Personal Injury Lawsuits That Can Occur As a Result of Objects on Your Property and Why They May Be Thrown Out

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Some days you are just going along like any other and then suddenly a court server hands you documents to appear in court for a personal injury lawsuit. Perhaps the most surprising instances of such cases occur when these supposed injuries happen on your property and you were not even home to witness them. You will need to get your own personal injury attorney to defend your position in this matter, because you may not have to pay. The following injuries should not be attributed to you when certain circumstances apply, in which case, you can countersue. 

Dog Bites to Trespassers in a Fully Fenced-in Yard

It is your property, and when you have it completely fenced in so that you can let your dog out to guard the yard in your absence, you expect that no one will attempt to enter the yard over your fence. When someone does climb over your fence and into your yard and is bitten by your dog who is doing its job, you will not be held responsible (in most states). The trespasser should not have been coming into or through your fenced-in yard for any reason, especially when you were not home and you would not have given permission for this in the first place. 

Postal Workers Falling on Ice

Postal workers are equipped with proper footwear in winter, including ice cleats. They are also highly paid and have the best medical coverage because they are government employees. Usually, they are not allowed to sue citizens because they are considered federal employees and agents of the government doing a government job.

They enter your yard with the expectation that there are dangers present, and they have to be alert for those dangers. The only time a federal employee can sue you for a fall on the ice is when that employee is no longer working for the government, and since the incident in question happened when he or she was employed by the government, your lawyer can defend your position from that standpoint if a postal worker ever tries to sue you when they slip and fall on ice on your property. 

Kids on Trampolines

Kids on trampolines is another possible reason why you may be sued. People love buying these giant trampolines for exercise and for play with the kids. However, trampolines tend to unintentionally invite unwanted neighborhood guests. If kids in the neighborhood are injured by jumping on your trampoline when you are not home and permission was not secured from their parents, that does not land in your realm of responsibility so long as you have made it difficult for children to access the trampoline on their own. If this is the case, you likely cannot be sued. 

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