What to Do When a Commercial Vehicle Hits You

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"Commercial vehicles" is a classification that could include vehicles like semi-trucks, box trucks, refrigerated trucks, cargo vans, delivery trucks, mini-vans, and more. So, what happens when one of these vehicles hit you? There are a few things you can do that fit this specific type of accident.

Hire a Commercial Vehicle Wreck Attorney

Commercial vehicle accident lawyers are personal injury lawyers too, but they are focused on addressing the very specific issues that occur when a semi-truck hits anyone else on the road. Because damages and injuries are usually pretty significant when a semi-truck hits a passenger vehicle, and because semi-truck accidents occur more frequently than any other type of commercial vehicle accident, these attorneys take on a major responsibility to defend the lawsuits of their clients. There are also mitigating factors involved, which include issues with the driver's skills and behaviors, as well as the trucking company of the driver, all of which have to be addressed in a single lawsuit. The bigger the truck, the bigger the lawsuit, so to speak. That is why you need a different kind of accident lawyer to help you with your smaller truck/van accident. 

What to Do Next

First and foremost, consider the employer of the driver. Is the employer/company a big commercial outfit like some of the major delivery companies in this country, or is it a small courier business that operates only in your city? This dictates how much compensation your lawyer asks for, as well as how much the company is able to pay. There may be legal limits on what you can ask for as well, and you have to prove that you are entitled to the full limit amount for each item for which you want to claim compensation. 

You Also Have to Consider the Damages to Both Vehicles

If any type of commercial vehicle hit you, the damages are likely severe and substantial. Your lawyer might request that you speak with your insurance company first. The offending vehicle might be classified differently and insurance claims pay differently for different classes of commercial vehicles in an accident. Then you can pursue additional compensation from the driver and the company that employs the driver. 

Dealing with any kind of car accident is scary but being hit by a commercial vehicle is a whole other level. If you're unsure how to untangle this legal web, make sure you hire commercial vehicle wreck attorneys to walk you through this process.