Medical Records: They’re a Really Big Deal After an Accident

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Things are understandably confusing for accident victims after a car wreck. It's important to take enough time to get better before you starting making big decisions about your accident claim and have to deal with the insurance company. If the accident was the other driver's fault, then you may need to depend on that medical care and the records that follow along with it in ways you did not imagine. To learn why medical records are a really big deal after an accident, read on.

Seek Medical Help Immediately

The sooner you get seen by a doctor, the better your health – not to mention your accident case. Failing to seek medical care in a timely manner is known as failure to mitigate your injury damages. The thought behind that is that you are not doing yourself any additional favors if you wait to get care, and your compensation could be seriously compromised if you aren't quick to get that care. The care you get and when you get it can be proven, thanks to your medical records.

Medical Records Show Injury Severity

Victims can be paid for a number of damage categories, but pain and suffering are undoubtedly the most expensive. While things can differ from time to time, many insurers base the payment for pain and suffering on the dollar amount of your medical expenses. To prove pain and suffering, medical records stand as a record of your hospitalization, surgery, medications, rehabilitation, and more. The more you have, the higher your payment for pain and suffering. In fact, pain and suffering can be several times your medical expenses.

Preexisting Conditions and Medical Records

Finally, medical records will come in handy when the insurer for the at-fault driver tries to make it appear like your injuries were because of a previous medical condition. If the other side is requesting your medical records and the dates requested go back in time prior to the accident, you are probably facing that allegation. Your records, along with the help of a personal injury lawyer, can show that your injuries are all from the most recent accident and not previous ones.

To learn more about just how big of a deal your medical records might be, speak to a personal injury lawyer. With their help, you can prove your injuries, get paid for your pain and suffering, and defeat allegations of a preexisting condition.