Workplace Injuries - Do You Need To Hire A Workplace Accident Attorney?

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Workplace injuries can be serious. They can result from a slip, a fall, an accident, or even a burn. These injuries can be very costly for both the injured employee and the employer. In some cases, an employer may not be liable for your damages; however, if you are injured at work due to the negligence of others, you may be able to collect compensation through the courts. But this can only happen if you seek the help of a workplace accident attorney. Here are three types of injuries that most likely will require you to hire an attorney.

Repetitive Motion

These injuries occur when a worker is required to perform the same motions repeatedly. For example, you may be required to repeatedly lift or carry heavy objects and transport them on your back in an awkward position for long periods. The repetitive nature of these movements can cause strain, damage to muscles, and other soft tissues such as ligaments and tendons. These injuries can occur in any part of the body, including the shoulder, back, and arms.

If you're injured due to repetitive motions, a workplace accident attorney can help you recover compensation for pain and suffering, especially if your employer's negligence caused them. These professionals will work to pursue workers' compensation benefits on your behalf to secure financial relief to offset your bills.

Falls from Heights

These types of accidents often occur when an employee cleans the roof of a building or works on scaffolding. Injuries resulting from heights include back injuries, bruises, skull fractures, spinal cord injuries, and trauma. These injuries may be severe and often require surgery to repair.

A workplace accident attorney can help you get reimbursed for a fall from a height injury. They'll investigate the extent of your injuries and determine if it was an occupational hazard or not. They'll also advise you on what steps to take to receive benefits.

Exposure to Chemicals

Exposure to chemicals or other health hazards at work may be another source of injury. For example, you may develop asbestosis or mesothelioma if you are exposed to chemicals such as asbestos while working at a construction site. Likewise, while working at an oil refinery, you may be exposed to high benzene and sulfur dioxide levels, which can cause cancer. These health hazards are not limited to construction sites; they also exist in industries such as mining, manufacturing, and agriculture.

Workplace accident attorneys are skilled in handling cases involving these types of injuries. They recognize that the employer may try to shift responsibility for the injuries onto the employee in many cases, especially if they don't have a comprehensive safety program in place. Consulting with these attorneys in advance will help you get help sooner.

Workplace accidents can have a significant impact on anyone's life. To learn more information about workplace attorneys, reach out to a company such as Jarve Kaplan Granato Starr LLC.