Questions To Identify The Person Responsible For Your Accident

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You must identify the person responsible for your injury to get the compensation you deserve. The following questions can help you with the identification.

What Caused Your Injury?

Identifying your injury's cause is the first step to identifying the liable party. You have to identify the exact object or action that caused your injury. That way, you can connect the injury to the person responsible.

Say you suffer food poisoning after dining in multiple restaurants within the same day. You must identify the restaurant that gave you the offending food. You may even need to identify the exact meal that made you sick. That will help you identify the origin of the food's problem and identify the liable party.

Whose Direct Actions or Inactions Caused Your Injury?

Some injuries stem from individuals' direct actions or inactions. In such cases, the person should compensate your damages. For example, in an assault and battery case, the perpetrator is automatically a defendant. Even if you identify other defendants, such as the owner of the property on which the attack occurred, include the battery perpetrator in your claim.

Who Owned Whatever Caused Your Injury?

If an animal or object causes you injury, then you should identify the animal or object's owner. Say you are a service provider who makes house calls, and a dog bites you during a house call. Identifying the dog owner is the first step to defendant identification. Another example is if you slip and fall on a property; in such a case, identify the property's owner.

Who Was Managing or Caring for Whatever Caused Your Injury?

In some cases, the person caring for or using a property is responsible for injuries on the property. For example, the tenant rather than the property owner might be responsible for injuries within the tenant's house. The same thing can apply to animals; an animal's minder or sitter may be responsible for the injuries the animal might cause.

Whose Duty Was it to Keep You Safe?

Lastly, anyone with the duty to keep you safe should compensate your damages if they fail to keep you safe. For example, daycare centers should keep the children in their care safe. A center that derelicts this duty, for example, by hiring incompetent caregivers. Such a center is liable for injuries children might suffer due to caregiver incompetency.

Hopefully, you will identify the liable party and get the compensation you need. Contact a personal injury attorney to help you with the whole process.